What is Online Reputation Management? | Build | Manage | Promote |

Nowadays every company either big or small or just a startup everyone is now online, Organisations are heavily relying on online business as it has become integral part of their marketing. They know getting online is fast, budgeted and have a high visibility as compared to brick and mortar store. While this has given huge opportunities to online businesses to sell their product or service anywhere at any time, the biggest threat is now for them is to maintain their repo amongst their customers.

Reputation management- Shubham Bhatt

There are many places online where a customer can go, see or write a review. Stats show that

“80% of the customers depend upon other’s feedback before buying anything.”

Earlier when business wanted to spread word of mouth they used to have a simple and effective technique that was Press release, however the game has not changed but the platform is changed rather going into mainstream media and PR releases now there are forums, review sites and online PR websites to take care of this.

Reputation management is all about two things first recognising a negative review and suppressing it so that it doesn’t hamper your brand’s image and second that is circulating positive content so that customer’s build trust and connect with your brand.

Simple but effective ways to create a repo amongst your audience this is never ending process though. A one bad review on your website can make a huge loss to your brand’s image and eventually loss of revenue, so it is must for an organisation to be proactive while building their online reputation.

There are many examples from the successful organisations where reputation management has helped then in spreading word of mouth online and has given an edge over their competitors by promoting business positively and removing all the negative comments from the various platforms that were once being used to defame their online reputation.


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