What is Personal Branding ? and It’s Importance |

When I was pursuing my Master’s in International Business Management, on it’s 2nd semester I first time got to know about the subject called Branding. However our faculty was fantastic so I enjoyed that subject and passed the exam by five stars. The one thing about branding he taught us was

Shubham Bhatt Personal Brand

“Branding is a name, symbol, design, reputation or logo a one unique part that differentiate it from the rest of the companies and by which people feel connected with the brands “

For example if I say a mobile phone, the first brand that may come to your mind would be an Apple or Samsung. These brands are so much connected with the audience that an individual automatically visualises the brand’s image in its mind when I say mobile phone.

Similarly quoting another great example of personal branding is if I say Yoga, the one man who comes to my mind would be Baba Ramdev, he has been teaching yoga from a very early stage through which people recognise him as when said Yoga.

Personal Branding is, establishing one’s personal image into the mind of its audience. This process of personal branding is something not new here; people are using this method to stay connected with the audience.  A Facebook page of any celebrity which is liked by you or any twitter handle of some political leader whom you are following or it may be an influencer entrepreneur in LinkedIn, everyone here is building their personal brand.

Personal branding has huge importance as people are using it for building a great network of like minded people. It helps in establishing connection with many people.

People are using it for their business also, developing a personal brand and getting emotionally connected with audience is a great way of nurturing future business prospects nowadays.

Personal Branding is something that anyone can do, many big celebrities and politicians hire brand managers to perform well as their reputation is on stake every time.


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