5 Steps To Do When You See a Negative Complaint About Your Company

Really annoying right! Negative comment has never been exciting whether said by any customer who is angry at our room services and bursting out in front of office manager or any online shopper who is writing a negative review about the last hood he purchased which is not looking very nice at him.

Negative complaints given for emerging companies are worst hit because high stakes are on their reputation and they can’t afford any mistake, as they will lose the customers and it can badly hamper their business making them crumpled.

Where people are now have multiple options they are now getting connected with their favourite brands. You definitely don’t want to turn them off and just let them go away empty handed.

Shubham Bhatt ORM

So here is the trick whenever you see any complaint or negative review about your company, the best way to dodge that is to suppress it with positive comments.

 1. First thing one should try is to keep calm and patient at that time, impulsive decision can lead to more loss. Understand the customer why he/she is angry at you and wrote a negative comment, analyse it thoroughly what can be done and then take a decision.

2. At this time suppression of that negative comment can be a saviour for your brand, take that issue offline (if possible), getting out of online will help you resolve this issue instantly without spreading.

3. Request your angry customer to remove that complaint, however it isn’t easy but still you have to do whatever it takes to remove it because other customers might get influenced by online complaints and reviews.

4. Be polite with your customer who is angry at your service or product, make him/her feel better as they are unsatisfied with your promises just an apology can help you.

5. Monitoring the reviews about your company should be done consistently, this should be done timely. As nobody is so perfect to always get a five star rating, learn from your past complaints and improvise.  Negative comments are not always bad try taking it in a healthy way.



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