Why Should Brands Start Connecting With People?

Gone are the days when companies never bothered to what people feel about their brand, In the digital age of advertising every other company no matter how small or large it be, they want to connect with their niche. Brands like McDonald’s, Mercedes, P&G, and TATA are following this from ages this is the big reason they are so successful today.

Companies understand the importance of consumer, as power lies in the hands of customers. Giving full authority to the customer is very crucial for success. Past research shows that brands that build trust with customers are the brands which constantly grow with time and pitch their image in the minds of customer simultaneously.

Shubham Bhatt Branding

But how you connect with the mass audience, it looks tough right!! No, actually not! That is a myth. People have a wrong belief that brands that are highly successful do something differently. These big successful brands have just one thing common in them, that they don’t play just selling and buying games with customers. They actually take them to a journey where people feel connected to the brand, believe me, it’s all about how you create emotional connect? or build a relationship with your audience.

Take an example of TATA, a giant brand in global market connects with audience by providing emotional quotient in their ads, I am sure you must have heard of the tagline “TATA Namak Desh Ka Namak” and What about Bajaj Automobiles when it uses the tagline “Hamara Bajaj”, you heard that before right!

These companies have surely imprinted their image as a nation’s own brand in the minds of the people, creating a memory always lasts long and nurtures results for future. Try getting into the shoes of the customer, do you think you will consider a brand again which have a loose serviceability and emotionless ineffective approach towards the market. I bet, that brand is for few more months in the market.

Always focus on empowering customers, becoming a problem solver for the customer and innovating for the audience.


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