Why Do We Need To Understand the Power of Content

Remember the time when your grandma used to tell bedtime stories, how fresh those stories were despite many times we listened to the same stories. It was exciting every time we heard them. The power was not with the storyteller (grandma) and neither you (Superman), but a great story which always attracted you to listen more and more.

That was the power of great content, we need to understand that quantity of content is not always necessarily work for you but the quality content will surely work. Content is the key to the new age marketing that we all know, but we should also know that it is the scarcity of quality content in the online and offline medium by which people will feel connected to a brand. List your favourite movies which after seeing had a great impact on you and by the time you were watching it, you felt so connected to the characters from the movie.

Remember always circulating a great content around the globe reflects your image and gives a long lasting impression on the minds of the audience. It keeps your audience feel fresh from the content and engages them.

Shubham Bhatt3

Not by the number of visitors or revenue, you can judge a business by how effectively it is reaching to the minds of the people and connecting to it. For becoming a content master I have four small but effective tips for you.

  1. Filter the topics from which you can build a story.
  2. Choose a character to start a story and stick to it, in short, be precise.
  3. Remember to give a conflict so that people love your story and build a connection with you.
  4. Lastly give a conclusion, so that people should not get confused on what you were trying to convey.

This is it, topics can be chosen from any industry that is relevant to your audience, start creating your character and it can be anyone either a hero or a villain. No conflict means no connect but try not to add too much drama that people would start feeling unrealistic. Giving a conclusion means that it is the end and you are now to conclude the content, it doesn’t matter how you end up in a happy way or sad way.


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